Who are we?

We are a family. 

A family knit together in spirit and truth, bent on encouragement, and marked by family-wide faith steps.

A family of brothers and sisters led by the living God, who see Him daily add numbers to their household.

A family where falsehoods and lies are brought into the light.

A family where forgiveness runs rampant and mercy flows without restraint.

We are a culture.

A culture of the unshakeable kingdom of God.

A culture of honor, discipleship, and risk-taking. 

A culture of testimony, proclamation, and power.

A culture of repentance, humility, and worship.

We are a community.

A community where obedience is celebrated, identities are uncovered, and gifts are dispersed and bear fruit.

A community recognized by the love of God flowing within it and flowing out of it.

A community where words are given and received. 

A community where prophetic intimations are submitted and tested.

A community that values the scripture and responds to it diligently.

A community that hears and sees the Holy Spirit bringing heaven to earth.

A community that believes for the miraculous and revels in the power of the gospel.

A community that is entrusted with more as she is faithful with little.

A community that breaks down strongholds of the enemy through prayer and intercession.

A community that is quick to lay hands on one another to cover them in God's promises.

A family, a culture, and a community. 

All are made up of individuals. Individuals who carry the identity of the whole.

Where is your life out of line with your identity?

Be reminded of who you are, and choose to live more in your identity this week than you did last week.