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Stephen MurrayComment

Welcome Class of 2018!

We're a couple weeks in. How are you doing?

By now, you're realizing your schedule is a little more complicated than "15 hours".

There are organizations fighting for your attention, clubs to join, frats and sororities to rush, meetings to go to, homework to finish, and dinner. Have to find time for dinner.  

Filling up our schedules is one of the easiest things for us to accomplish these days, but what can be difficult is making sure we're filling them with the right things. 

One of our focuses in this season as a college ministry is being fed and led by Jesus personally. We want to schedule daily personal times with God so we can live full and satisfied in Him. If we have a full schedule and don't have time with God alone, we're gonna crash hard. 

This past week we talked about how Jesus approaches us as a Shepherd approaches his sheep. Shepherds daily lead their sheep to green pastures and still waters so they will have their fill and be satisfied. Empty sheep are irritable, easily upset, and hard to deal with. Kind of like that snicker commercial.

God wants you to be refreshed and satisfied, and it happens in His presence.

So how are you getting filled and refreshed in Jesus? What's your gameplan?

Check out this past week's sermon on Psalm 23:2-3 if you missed it. If you don't have time for the whole thing be sure to check out the last portion around 33 minutes in. Zach addresses some hurdles that we face when it comes to spending time with Jesus, and how we can overcome them.

Here are some great resources if you're looking for a little more help in planning your time with Jesus.

Psalm 23 Devotional Guide

Alone With God - Devotional Guide

  • This guide has several tools to help you stay focused while spending time with Jesus. 


So how are you going to fill your schedule well this semester? How are you planning to spend time with Jesus? Make a plan and tell a friend/roommate so they can help you. #refreshman