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Four Responses to Jesus

Stephen Murray2 Comments
Four Responses to Jesus

In his book Basic Christianity, John Stott makes an interesting point on how people responded to Jesus during His ministry:

If you read the bible you’ll see that nobody who ever met Jesus Christ ever had a moderate reaction to him. There are only three reactions to Jesus: they either hated him and wanted to kill him, they were afraid of him and wanted to run away, or they were absolutely smitten with him and they tried to give their whole lives to him…

It seems like our culture has introduced an additional fourth response to Jesus: meh.


When your response to Jesus is "meh", it doesn't necessarily mean you are unimpressed with the life of Jesus, or even have a lack of appreciation for His teachings, or even that you disbelieve in God.

It simply means "what you're saying sounds great, but it doesn't really stir up my mind, my affections, or my emotions so...meh."

Meh is the non-response. The whatevs. The ok cool thx bye.

Time with Jesus.

Time with Jesus.

We have all had this response.

We hear, see, and do things all day that don't stir up our minds, affections, or emotions. And if they do, most of the time it's only for a fleeting moment.

We feed ourselves with content all day trying to stir our eyes and hearts with images and events and statements and gif cats until we have some form of a satisfying emotive response or till we just pass out. The endless scroll for the soul.

We even call them feeds. The Junior High junk cafeteria for the mind.

So why does Jesus get our meh?

1. Jesus gets our meh because we're overstimulated.

We don't realize the depths of satisfaction He offers because our hearts have become too easily pleased with emotive responses that don't affect our lives, our being, or our doing. When our emotions are more inclined to be stirred by screens and feeds than people and experiences, our responses to life at a heart level slowly get bent out of whack. 

2. Jesus gets our meh because the easiest response is a non-response.

It requires almost nothing of us. But what Jesus extends to you is not a list of requirements, to-dos, and heaviness, but an invitation for you to live and feel and experience the breadth and depth of life He made you for.

Jesus invites us into the only relationship that will fully engage our hearts, souls, minds, and strength.

His invitation remains. It's not a junk mailer or a grocery coupon. It's a handwritten, your name, your address, three day (in the grave) stamped and paid for invitation to relationship with the One whose heart is set to love you and make you come alive. It wasn't sent to the wrong address. It's been posted on the door of your heart. It's not for someone else. It's for you. You have to open it. When Jesus came, He looked over His creation and was filled with compassion. It's not just an invitation to stir your emotions. It's an invitation for you to know the depths of what God feels for you. His heart yearns for your fullest joy. His thoughts of you are through the roof. His affections are clear and without repose. Jesus' response when He thinks of you is far from meh.

He longs for you to respond to Him. Open the invitation and enter in.