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September 2018: Come, Follow Me

Stephen MurrayComment
September 2018: Come, Follow Me

Hey hey!

Fall semester is well under way! God is adding people into our community weekly, and students are gathering to love one another: over meals, Lifegroups, or even Friday night Freshmen Res Hall Volleyball. We’ve had a lot of opportunities to connect with new students, and I am thanking God for every way God is opening doors for us. Let’s continue believing for more!

September 2018 Updates

Freshmen Events

We held Freshmen launch events at UTD to engage new students and build relationships. Our most effective events were related to playing Volleyball on campus behind the Freshmen Res Halls. We’ve had many students visit Antioch after attending Volleyball and eating pizza with us.

Early Morning Prayer

We started hosting a Wednesday morning prayer meeting to develop a culture of prayer on campus and to train our current students in the spiritual discipline of prayer.

“Come, follow me!”

On campus, we have tried to consistently invite new students into discipleship, lifegroup, and church based on the day we’re on campus and the Spirit’s leadership. One day we went out and started conversations with students by saying, “Come, follow me.” We explained how Jesus asked a few guys to come follow him, learn how to live and breathe the kingdom of God, and how a few years later they started the church that is changing the world to this day. We received a lot of different responses, but one of my favorites was this: “I would love to be discipled. I’ve actually been praying about that since coming to UTD.”

We’re wanting to be consistently meeting new students and modeling outreach for our current students. Pray for us, and even consider coming out to campus sometime to meet new students and invite them into relationship with God.


Two of our SMU students lead the FCA chapter on campus and gather student athletes from seven different disciplines for community, bible study, and prayer. Boston (left) is on the soccer team and El (right) is on the swim team. They have attended Antioch the last two years and have had their lives turned upside down by Jesus. They are making disciples at SMU and their influence is growing in the athletic community!

Thank you for reading. Please consider the ways you can continue to support, encourage, and enable me in ministry to invest in college students.

Ways to support:

  1. Contend in prayer for the campuses I’m reaching: UTD, SMU, and DBU. I will start consistently sending  out prayer requests so you can contend for us in our ministry. Our prayers will kindle the next student-led revival on campus in Dallas.

  2. Consider giving $100 monthly to support me and Antioch College Ministry at

  3. Join me in ministering to college students, or connect me with others who are interested in making disciples on college campuses.