Stephen MurrayComment

October 2018: The Antioch Family

Stephen MurrayComment
October 2018: The Antioch Family

Hey team!

Thank you for the ways you have supported us this month. October was a crazy adventure, and we saw God do some amazing things in the life of college students.

October 2018 Updates

The month of October flew by, but it was also our busiest month yet! Volleyball at the Res Halls, visiting career fairs and networking students with business professionals in the church, coffee and casseroles with students, this list goes on…

“Wow, I had no idea what the Bible was…”

At SMU, we partnered with seven other campus ministries to host an Apologetics Debate with 180 in attendance (the largest debate at SMU in 15 years). Over half the attendants identified as something other than Christian, and we had some great dialogue. We will be hosting another campus event alongside other campus ministries in the Spring with Carry the Love after World Mandate the first week of February.

At UTD, I met with a student who has never read the bible. He asked me to explain it to him. We met for an hour and did an overview of the story, how the bible was compiled, and what the main storyline is. After our conversation he said, “Wow, I had no idea that’s what the bible was… Thank you so much for sharing.” He expressed interest to meet more to learn about Jesus, and since then has come consistently to our UTD lifegroup.

Fall College Gathering

We hosted 65 students from Antioch churches in Norman, OK & Houston, TX for a college retreat in Dallas to help every student feel connected and equipped to follow God on their own campuses.

  • TO OUR HOSTS: this event would not have been possible without you. Thank you for welcoming students into your homes and making this gathering such a success.

  • We had set a collective goal of 120 gospel conversations for our city outreach. We had well over 120 encounters, and the following Sunday I saw five people visit our church based off an invitation from one of our students.

  • Some students shared the gospel for the first time this weekend, and felt like God had broken fear off of their life so that they can actively share the love of God wherever they go.

Katy’s 30th Birthday

We celebrated my wife’s 30th. She is a vision and COULD NOT imagine doing life without her in this season. ❤️

DBU Men’s Group

I got a next steps card from a student on a Sunday. He left a prayer request: “Revival at DBU.” Needless to say, I felt compelled to follow-up. God had led this student on a three month trip with Antioch in East Asia last summer, and he’s been believing for revival at DBU ever since. This month, he launched a new discipleship group at DBU with 12 male students meeting together for discovery bible study. We’re believing for God to initiate other groups at DBU from these 12 discipling others on their campus.

Sunday College Booth

We created a college booth on sundays to connect with students attending Antioch every week. We’ve seen so much fruit from students finding our church and then getting plugged into community. This has been a very practical win for our ministry.


Meet Joseph

Katy and I have a new roommate, Joseph, who is applying for Asylum in the US from Haiti. He was the victim of gang violence in Port Au Prince, and lived on the run with his family for years until he found a way to the US this last spring. He lives with Katy and I, speaks seven languages from his time working with the UN in Haiti, and through our help and investment in his life he has felt a calling to ministry, specifically to be an evangelist. He wants to leverage the languages he has learned to share and translate the Gospel with people in Dallas from around the world. He recently asked me to baptize him.

Parking Lot Grandma

Right before a college event, I went to a Tom Thumb down the street from the church for some chips and drinks. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a car back over a Grandma walking in the lot. I was the first to get to her. Her leg was crushed by the car and she was panicking. I was able to hold her together (literally), and keep her calm and stable while I waited for the paramedics to arrive.


I slipped and fell 15 feet into a landfill in South Dallas while dropping off debris from some work I’ve been doing around the house. I had just thrown some plywood boards into the landfill with three inch nails sticking through them right before I fell. My heel hit a hard pipe, but the rest of my body was protected from injury somehow (JESUS). I wore a brace for a few weeks while my heel healed up.

Thank you for reading. Please consider the ways you can continue to support, encourage, and enable me in ministry to invest in college students.

Ways to support:

  1. Contend in prayer for the campuses I’m reaching: UTD, SMU, and DBU. I will start consistently sending  out prayer requests so you can contend for us in our ministry. Our prayers will kindle the next student-led revival on campus in Dallas.

  2. Consider giving $100 monthly to support me and Antioch College Ministry at

  3. Join me in ministering to college students, or connect me with others who are interested in making disciples on college campuses.