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November 2018: Potlucks on Potlucks

Stephen MurrayComment
November 2018: Potlucks on Potlucks

Hey guys!

Happy Thanksgiving from Antioch College Ministry. Hope you have a great time with family and enough cans of cranberry for the rest of the year!

November 2018 Update

Trek-X Partnership

I got connected with a gap-year missions program in Dallas called Trek-X. They equip students with a vision for missional living and making disciples through a year long program that incorporates local and global missions experience. I led a training with them (along with my Iraqi friend Hasan) on how to share the Gospel with muslims. One of their students helped lead an outreach with our students at the Vickery Meadow Apartments, a densely populated area in North Dallas of refugees and lower income housing.


Potlucks on Potlucks

We hosted three college potlucks for students, and have had an amazing time reflecting on what God has done over this last semester. One student shared at the SMU Potluck: “I’m thankful I decided to give my life to Jesus last month. I am so thankful for how God has changed my life and I’m thankful to have the chance to be in this community.”

A student from India stood at the last potluck toward the end to address the group, “Thank you for making our first Thanksgiving so special. You have done everything in your power to make our stay in America memorable and we are so grateful.” This is the heart of Jesus’ ministry: to love the stranger as family. Our international college ministry team has invested time and energy all semester to love these students like family. WAY TO GO!

“I think God is calling me to full time ministry”

We have been going through a series on spiritual gifts at Antioch Dallas. In our college Lifegroups, we have been taking time to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to pour out spiritual gifts in our community so that we might be empowered for ministry as He desires. One night we laid hands on every member and allowed the Holy Spirit to call to mind gifts He has already given each student in our community. It was a powerful night and many students were deeply touched. “I’ve always felt like God has given me the gift of exhortation and wisdom, but once you guys spoke it over me at Lifegroup, it’s as if I feel God stirring it up inside of me. I think God is calling me to ministry.”


  • Katy’s grandmother is still recovering from a stroke she suffered over the summer. We’ve been able to see her a few times, and will get to see her again over Thanksgiving.

  • We celebrated the FIRST birthday of our niece (Norah June).

  • Spent some time with my father shooting Skeet this past weekend. Hadn’t shot registered Skeet in over 12 years. 😬

  • I volunteered at a benefit for Traffick911, an organization in Dallas rescuing youth trapped in sex trafficking.

Thank you for reading. Please consider the ways you can continue to support, encourage, and enable me in ministry to invest in college students.

Ways to support:

  1. Contend in prayer for the campuses I’m reaching: UTD, SMU, and DBU. I will start consistently sending  out prayer requests so you can contend for us in our ministry. Our prayers will kindle the next student-led revival on campus in Dallas.

  2. Consider giving $100 monthly to support me and Antioch College Ministry at

  3. Join me in ministering to college students, or connect me with others who are interested in making disciples on college campuses.