a passion for jesus

and his purposes on the earth.

Antioch College Ministry exists to connect college students to the person of Jesus
and his purposes on the earth. Throughout history, university students have proven themselves capable of changing the world. Our college ministry is committed to reaching students in this formative time and launching them into a life of practicing the way of Jesus.


Devotional Life

Daily lifestyle of incorporating the Word, worship, and prayer into a regular time when we meet with God. We don’t meet with God to check off a box. We meet with Him because we’ve found true life in His presence. We want to believe Jesus at His word when He quoted the scripture, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” God’s word brings life, and our devotional life is the place we cultivate relationship with Him, crying out to Him and receiving from Him every day.


Jesus shared three years of his life with twelve guys. He became friends with them. He encouraged them in God's truth. He challenged them to go everywhere He went and to do everything He did. This is what discipleship is all about. We want to challenge you to do the same.  Discipleship helps students build deep relationships, receive encouragement, and accept challenge in their walk with Jesus.


There is nothing like the church. We want our students to experience healthy relationships with people in different seasons of life, to be given opportunities to serve the body of Christ, and to be equipped in practicing the way of Jesus. Our college ministry is part of the family at Antioch Dallas.


Life is meant to be shared with others. That's why we have a weekly on campus gathering to build a loving community that welcomes those outside of it. When you attend a Lifegroup you can expect to authentically connect with other students through discussions about life, studying God’s Word and worshipping Jesus together.


In order to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20), there must be a people willing to go. As we experience the love of God, He begins to call us into the adventure of sharing His love with others in our city, in our nation, and in the nations of the world.

  • Dallas Service Outreaches | Practical service projects to bless our city.

  • World Mandate | Our annual weekend missions conference - February 7-8, 2020.

  • Spring Break Trips | A one week trip to share the love of Jesus.

  • Summer InternTrips | An overseas missions experience with an Antioch Church Planting team.